This Artist Appears To Just Be Smearing Paint, But Check Out What She’s Really Doing

So often, I hear people looking at art say things like, “My four-year-old could do that.”

When it comes to simple art, some people just don’t understand the thought behind the work and choose to focus on the execution. That’s fine, because we’re all allowed to have our own artistic tastes. I just love when artists are able to work against the assumption that what they do is so easy.

For instance, imagine a glob of paint smeared on a canvas. Anyone can do that, right? Cj Hendry flips that script with her incredible drawings. You have to see what she can do.

This looks like paint, but it’s actually drawn completely by hand using colored pencils.

Don’t believe me? Check out this video of Hendry drawing one of her pieces, which is part of a collection called “Complimentary Colors.”

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Saaaa silky and smooth #pink #complementarycolors

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That’s right, these are not 3-D in any way. They’re flat drawings created by layering color carefully and meticulously.

Hendry is primarily known for her work in black and white, which makes “Complimentary Colors” such a huge departure for her.

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It's like a whirlpool #hermes

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I’d say she’s adjusted to working with color quite well!

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Big Red

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Can’t get enough of these mesmerizing drawings? Check out her Instagram account and website.

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This collection is (understandably) sold out, but if you’ve got the dough and want to own her artwork, keep an eye on her website’s shop. I still can’t even believe these aren’t paint swatches. Incredible!

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