This Precious Pup May Have A Disability, But She Doesn’t Let That Get Her Down!

When 25-year-old Sarah Griffiths first decided to get a miniature dachshund, she knew the breed was susceptible to back issues because of their elongated bodies and short legs.

But when the Birmingham, England, resident first brought Poppy home with her as a tiny puppy, she didn’t expect to be faced with the difficult decision of either euthanizing her new best friend or taking care of a disabled dog. Fortunately for Poppy, her kind-hearted and caring mom refused to put her down when a spinal condition left her paralyzed from the waist down.

Though the now six-year-old pup’s mobility is more limited than when she was younger, Griffiths says she’s still just as happy.

After being diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease, which causes discs to press on nerves running through the spinal cord, Poppy “just gradually stopped walking. She’d take a few steps and sit down until eventually she didn’t get up at all, not even to go to the toilet,” Griffiths said. “I was told Poppy could have surgery, but there was only a 50 percent chance of it working, and it would involve lots of painful recovery.”

Griffiths ultimately decided against surgery and euthanasia, opting instead to put Poppy on cage rest, which unfortunately didn’t improve the pup’s condition.

But her mom didn’t give up and tried osteopathy, physiotherapy, laser therapy, and hydrotherapy, which did help Poppy regain the ability to wag her tail.

Poppy still can’t walk on her back two legs and needs to wear diapers, but she’s well-adjusted and definitely enjoying life.

She even has her own custom-made wheelchair to help her get around…

…and lots of support from her mom and other furry friends.

“I struggle to remember what she was like before she became paralyzed. I just know her as the happy, gorgeous dog she is now,” said Griffiths.

“We get stopped everywhere we go. She loves the attention, and she loves whizzing around on her wheels.” Just look at her go!

(via Daily Mail)

Poppy is so lucky to have such a great mom. You can check out more of this sweet pup on Instagram, and be sure to share her story with all the animal lovers in your life!

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