Here’s How Journalists Turned An Ordinary Professor Into A Fashion Icon Overnight

Some people dream of being famous and being followed around by cameras trying to catch their every move.

Most of us like our quiet lives, but others were really born for the spotlight. Fordham University professor Lyn Slater is a little bit of both. Slater was out for lunch with some of her friends during New York Fashion Week, and what happened next changed her life forever.

Slater was suddenly surrounded by journalists from outside the U.S. who thought she was a different person completely — a fashion icon.

Slater is totally fashion forward and stylish, so she dubbed herself the Accidental Icon online. She has more than 175,000 followers on Instagram.

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She is 63 years old, but that doesn’t stop her from absolutely slaying. In fact, she thinks age discrimination in the modeling industry is only hurting it.

Slater also hates the phrase “dressing for your age,” telling others that they should dress however they feel comfortable and confident.

“I think if you are comfortable in what you’re wearing, no matter how old you are and you’re owning it, you’re going to look completely fine,” Slater told Refinery29 in a 2016 interview.

Since the Fashion Week incident, she’s signed with modeling agency Elite London and has worked with brands all over the world.

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It’s so amazing that she could take a strange experience and turn it into a new career and an inspirational message. Share her story if you agree that we should all feel comfortable in our own skin!

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