These Are Everywhere, But Here’s Why You Need To Be Careful When Kids Are Around

When I was kid, I thought revolving doors were the coolest things ever. After seeing this video, however, I finally understand why my mom wouldn’t let me play in them.

In China, a two-year-old boy was recently playing unattended in a hotel’s revolving door when he got himself stuck in a dire situation. Quickly, about a dozen strangers, including a team of doctors who were there for a meeting, attempted to free him. Though successful, the heart-pounding rescue took several minutes, and by the time the child was saved, his face was purple.

As the security footage shows, it took quick thinking and teamwork to free the boy. He sustained injuries to his neck and face and was diagnosed with shortness of breath.

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The child is now recovering. Be sure to share this scary video with the parents you know as a warning to never leave their kids unsupervised near a revolving door.

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