Here We Have The Reason Why Amusement Park Rides Are The Devil

After seeing this terrifying incident in Paris, France, you’ll think twice before jumping on your next amusement park ride.

On April 9, 2017, a couple attended the annual Foire de Trone Porte Doree, an annual party with lots of fun rides. As they waited for their turn on a free-fall attraction, one of them began filming. What she captured is equal parts horrifying and incredible.

As two girls begin their descent on the ride, one falls out and is left hanging by her feet. If it hadn’t been for her large boots, she most likely would have fallen to her death. Amazingly, she was not injured.

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The incident most likely occurred as a result of a seatbelt malfunction, but either way, I’m definitely never getting on one of those. Share this video with the amusement park enthusiasts you know!

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