The Dash Cam Footage This Car Captured Looks Like Something Out Of An Action Movie

As drivers along the Mukilteo speedway were anxiously awaiting the green light, they were greeted by a scene right out of a blockbuster action movie.

Seemingly out of the blue, a single-engine plane can be seen hurtling from the sky into the middle of the busy street. Dash cam footage captured the entire dramatic event.

According to police reports, the small plane crashed not long after taking off from the nearby Paine Field Airport. While there were no serious injuries, multiple cars were damaged as a result of both the crash and the subsequent fire.

Did anyone else notice the white SUV leaving the scene of the accident like a plane falling out of the sky was no big deal?

(via Seattle Times)

Thankfully everyone involved is okay, but it just goes to show that truly disastrous things can happen in the blink of an eye. Be sure to share this with all the action buffs in your life!

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