You Thought Your School’s Cheerleaders Were Good? Wait Until You See These

Back in high school, cheerleaders were known as the cool girls.

But if you’ve ever watched any of the “Bring It On” movies, you know that cheerleading is a lot more competitive than simply waving pom-poms around and cheering on the football players. Tasked with upping the morale and motivating both the team and the crowd, cheerleading is just as much a rigorous sport as any other. And while most cheer squads incorporate an impressive array of gymnastics moves, one university decided to have its students recreate a classic video game.

More than 355 students participated in the opening ceremony of the Qufu Normal University’s sports day held recently in eastern China. Paying homage to the game of Tetris, groups of cheerleaders and students can be see recreating the classic game on the field by becoming life-sized Tetris tiles.

This intense routine took more than two months to perfect and was inspired by the Tetris theme song.

(via Daily Mail)

I can only imagine the crowd’s reaction as they got to witness this! Share this epic routine with others who will want to relive their youth.

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