Creepy Video From ‘Hacktivist’ Anonymous Claims To Explain The Coming Of WWIII

Many people have been joking lately that we’re on the verge of World War III, but according to a hacker group called Anonymous, it’s about to happen.

Donning their signature Guy Fawkes mask and robotic voice in one of their latest videos, they warn the public that we need to get ready for the next world war, because a swift and “globally devastating” nuclear attack is imminent. Whether this is true or not is definitely up for speculation, but either way, their message is absolutely chilling.

Watch as they explain why they’re convinced that countries around the world are strategically preparing for war, and that “the citizens will be the last to know.” There’s nothing that isn’t creepy about it.

(via Anonymous)

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While I’m skeptical of the accuracy of their claims, it really freaks me out to consider that any of what they’re saying might actually happen. Share if you’re more than a little worried about what current events may mean for our future.

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