Girl With Cerebral Palsy Is Overtaken With Joy When A Friend Asks Her This Question

When 15-year-old Madison, a girl with cerebral palsy, got a visit from her friend, Bryce, she probably had no idea that she’d be overcome with happiness by what he’d ask next.

Madison’s mom was saddened to think that her daughter wouldn’t be able to go to her sweetheart formal with a date, but as it turns out, Bryce had that covered! With both of their families there as witnesses to his awesome character, he made Madison so happy that it made everyone around them melt.

Watch her heartwarming reaction when Bryce asks her the big question below. He’s such a good friend!

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(Fox 29)

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Here’s hoping Madison has an absolute blast when she gets her dance on with Bryce. Share this sweet video if it touched your heart.


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