Even If You Don’t Like ‘The Bachelor,’ You’ll Laugh So Hard At This Mom’s Spoof

If you’ve ever struggled to find a reliable babysitter, you’ll deeply identify with this mom’s hilarious spoof of “The Bachelor.”

I’ll be the first to admit that after 21 seasons of “The Bachelor,” the show has lost its appeal to me. That said, if “The Babysitter” were on TV, I’d watch it religiously! Just about every parent in the world has faced the challenge of finding a good sitter, but what if a whole group of them were competing to take care of your children for just $15 an hour? As you’ll see in this video from What’s Up Moms, the hilarity of finding a babysitter is way more entertaining than the drama of finding love.

In “The Babysitter,” it all comes down to the last sippy cup. Even if you’re not a fan of reality TV, you’ll agree that this show needs to be made immediately!

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I would love to see Netflix pick this up as their next original show. Be sure to SHARE this hilarious video with the parents you know. When it comes to babysitter struggles, it’s nice to know we’re not alone!

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