These Pups And Their Kid Siblings Love Each Other Despite A Huge Size Difference

To some, big dogs and small children don’t seem like a good mix, but to this family, they’re a perfect match.

Joshua Fisher initially had his heart set on getting a horse, but he and his wife Bee found two adorably huge alternatives to add to their family, which already included three young boys. In 2014, the Long Beach, California, residents decide to adopt a one-year-old Newfoundland dog named Ralphie after researching child-friendly breeds. They welcomed one-year-old Boss into their clan a year later.

Now the three little boys absolutely love their huge, fluffy brothers and are fascinated by their size.

Joshua and Bee say that Lenox, the oldest, enjoys relaxing and cuddling with them.

Cruz loves playing with Ralphie and Boss, who have such great temperaments that hardly anything the kids do bothers them.

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And despite the fact that Ralphie weighs around 125 pounds and Boss tips the scales at 160 pounds, little Tegan doesn’t seem to be afraid of them at all.

In fact, he’s the one who likes leading them around on walks.

They’re also pretty helpful when it comes to everyday tasks, like brushing teeth…

…reading bedtime stories…

…protecting their tiny humans…

…or even just giving them a furry pillow to lie on.

It isn’t really hard to see why the Fisher family loves their big boys so much. Who wouldn’t want these gentle giants in their life?

(via Daily Mail)

You can find plenty more adorable pictures where these came from by following Ralphie and Boss on Instagram, and be sure to share these cuties if you think they make great big brothers!

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