This Dog With A GoPro On Its Back Encountered Something Terrifying In The Forest

If there’s a cryptid that you’d think we would have captured by now, it’s Bigfoot. This creature lives on land in relative proximity to humans unlike a lot of its fellow monsters. If you had a trained team of trackers, surely you could follow the thing…right? Still, for whatever reason, Bigfoot evades us.

Sadly, we have to make due with snippets of blurry videos captured by hunters. While most Bigfoot videos are hoaxes, every once in a while, there’s one that makes you stop and think twice. The following video is one of those.

The dog’s owner had a GoPro strapped to their pup’s back while they were out exploring in Oregon. Unfortunately, they weren’t alone out there.

(via Disclose.Tv)

The only thing that makes me think this video is suspicious is how the dog barely reacted to the supposed Bigfoot that just crossed its path. You’d think that it would’ve barked or chased the monster down.

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