Serial Killer Ted Bundy’s Final Interview Will Give You The Creeps

Hours before his execution in 1989, serial killer Ted Bundy sat down with Christian psychologist Dr. James Dobson for a final interview. The exchange was disturbingly laid-back.

In the 1960s and ’70s, Bundy raped and murdered more than 30 women and girls. He was known for being handsome and charismatic, and he used these traits to win women’s trust before brutally assaulting and murdering them. Sickeningly, he often kept corpses for long periods of time and performed sexual acts on them until decomposition made it impossible.

But what caused a seemingly normal man from a Christian home to turn into one of the most evil serial killers the world has ever seen? In the interview below, Bundy reveals the root cause of his vile behaviors.

Throughout the interview, Bundy appears to be sincere. Is he telling the truth, or are we witnessing his last con? You’ll have to decide for yourself.

Ann Rule, author of “The Stranger Beside Me,” spent years interviewing Bundy. After seeing his conversation with Dr. Dobson, she said:

“Dr. Dobson wanted someone to testify against booze and pornography, and Ted wanted to leave us all talking about him. He wanted to blame someone else for his crimes, and by saying it was us who left all those bad magazines on racks, he became innocent in his own mind.”

“They see compassion and sadness in his eyes, but they are grieving for a shadow man who never existed. They must realize they were conned by a master con man.”

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