What Happened To Them On The Job Will Make You Steer Clear Of The Ocean Forever

In 2014, winter storm Hercules rocked people in and near the North Atlantic. Just ask these guys.

This resurfaced footage from England shows just how much the snowstorm impacted the OOCL Belgium, a 41,00-ton container ship. Crew members can be seen holding on for dear life as the combination of heavy rain and tumultuous waves sends the ship rocking back and forth. At one point, the ship tilts to a nearly 40 degree angle as raging waters can be seen crashing onto the deck.

Shockingly, the ship was so well made that it only suffered minor issues after the storm and is still in service today. That said, the footage isn’t any less terrifying for it.


(Via Daily Mail)

Mother Nature sure knows how to leave us absolutely terrified, doesn’t she? I think I’ll just avoid the ocean from here on out.

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