Cute Video Shows Little Girls Reacting To The Real-Life Version Of A Beloved ‘Moana’ Character

Imagine walking into your neighborhood Costco and learning your favorite movie character had come to life.

That’s exactly what happened to this mom and her children when they visited an Oahu location. As Rella Rivera and her children approached the checkout counters, the girls could quickly be heard shouting, “that’s Maui.” Of course, the lovable character from the Disney film “Moana” wasn’t actually roaming the aisles of Costco, but employee William Va’ana sure is a dead ringer for the shapeshifting demigod.

Making the encounter even more adorable was Va’ana who played along with the children, much to their delight.

(via Daily Mail)

If things at Costco don’t work out, Va’ana would make a killing as a Maui impersonator. The resemblance really is uncanny.

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