While She Slept On Her Couch, A Thief Was Walking Around Her House

Many of us are scared that a break-in will occur while we’re away, but in Miami, Florida, a thief crept around this woman’s home while she snoozed on the couch.

As Laura Lucas’ security footage shows, a woman in a dress entered her home and walked about, stealing cash, jewelry, and an expensive watch. Incredibly, Lucas was in the same room as the burglar, sleeping on the couch with her small dog, Cooper, at her feet. The robbery was caught on two cameras, and the evidence was handed over to Miami police.

The incident has left Lucas traumatized and unable to sleep. You can view the footage from that night below.


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As of this writing, the bold thief has not been captured. Be sure to share this scary story with your loved ones to remind them to keep their doors locked whether they’re home or not.

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