This Swift Takedown Is Why You Don’t Start Something You Just Can’t Finish

We’ve all seen it happen: a customer goes completely bonkers on a manager for what is usually a small problem.

Fortunately, most of these incidents don’t end in physical violence, though they can take their toll on service professionals. In 2015, a gas station manager was actually the victim of violence at the hands of a customer, but the footage is just now going viral.

The customer came into the store “irate” and started causing additional problems. The manager of the Salt Lake City Chevron station told the angry woman that she would not be authorizing her card and asked her to leave, but she had other plans. She slapped the manager right in the face. What happens next, however, proves that sometimes people get just what they deserve.

Watch as the manager takes control of the situation in the most badass way.

I know who I want on my side if anyone starts picking on me, that’s for sure! Do you think she did the right thing? Let us know in the comments, and make sure you share this crazy incident with everyone you know.

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