This Cop Was Just Patrolling When He Pulled A Woman Aside And Did Something Sweet

Over the past few weeks, the United Kingdom has had to deal with a series of atrocities that’d be enough to get anyone down.

But one Wolverhampton, England, cop not going to let the people around him feel hopeless and scared. There’s never been a more perfect time to show that people can come together when you least expect it.

This officer was light on his feet as he began waltzing around a local shopping center with an older woman. Based on his posture and precision, you can tell that this isn’t his first time at the dancehall.

This is what simple acts of kindness and solidarity are all about.

And onlooker named Chloe Blower, who filmed this video, perfectly summed up the fancy footwork in a recent social media post:

After the attack, this was so lovely to witness. I followed the music until I looked down and saw them dancing. I thought it was such a beautiful thing to put us on a pedestal to show everyone we still have caring and lovely people in the world and no matter what happens to us we will stand strong. I’ve seen him as he patrols the streets of Wolverhampton. I already knew life was precious, but after filming this video and witnessing it, it’s made me feel so loved and to not be scared of what’s going on, knowing we all can stand together and still live life with joy and happiness, so much more respect for our police officers and pcso’s, I just honestly thought it was amazing.

(Via Love What Matters)

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