When In Doubt, Dance It Out. Texas Teen Busts A Move While Hurricane Harvey Rages On

As thousands of people along the path of Hurricane Harvey gathered their essentials and prepared to evacuate, one Texas teen took a very different approach to dealing with the natural disaster.

Deandre Wilson was caught performing a rain dance of sorts as the threat of Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on major cities like Houston. Since Wilson wasn’t in Harvey’s direct path of destruction, he took to the street and put on a show for his entire neighborhood. Twisting and twirling about, at one point Wilson even makes use of the rain puddles to incorporate into his impromptu performance.

Watching from the comfort of their own homes, many of Wilson’s neighbors snuck a peek of the teen as he tried his best to relieve stress.


(Via Daily Mail)

While Wilson’s epic dance routine may have spawned some copycats, it’s probably best to remain indoors until Harvey makes his way out.

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