This Excited Dog Failing His Agility Run Is All Of Us Just Doing Our Best

The Crufts dog show is a very prestigious event. In fact, it’s the largest show of its kind in the world.

Organized and hosted by the Kennel Club, it is held annually in the U.K., where 22,000 dogs compete against each other to win the title of “Best in Show.”They go through rigorous training and are taught to put their talents on full display, but somehow, this hilarious pup seems to have missed the memo.

Olly the Jack Russell terrier tried putting his best paw forward when it was his turn to run through a set of obstacles, but he was having way too much fun to worry about accuracy or any of that nonsense.

He may not be the most coordinated, but he sure knows how to make everyone laugh!

(via BoredPanda)

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I don’t care what any of the judges have to say — this dog is a gift to the world.Be sure to share his antics so others can be blessed with his hilarity.


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