‘I Need You To Sit Down For This.’ Woman Reveals Cancer Test Results To Her Pup

When Lily the dog became incredibly sick overnight, her veterinarian gave the dog and her owner the bad news that she had a tumor on her spleen.

After an emergency blood transfusion, Lily’s owner was told that they could go through the process of having the tumor removed. That said, however, it was likely cancerous, meaning the dog might not live past the next few months. Despite the vet’s warning, Lily’s owner went through with the surgery and began the process of awaiting the test results.

Just over a week later, the results were in and Lily’s owner sat the pup down to reveal the news. The answer to their burning question was way better than either of them expected!

Lily’s reaction is just too perfect. All smiles from ear to ear. But hey, she deserves to celebrate after all she’s been through.

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