Man Keeps Trolling The Government With Hilarious Driver’s License Photos

Most people hate having to go the DMV to renew their driver’s licenses and take new photos, but this guy loves it so much he’s turned it into a tradition!

When it comes to official photo IDs, comedian Jono Zalay doesn’t exactly represent his true self. In fact, he goes to great lengths to make sure he doesn’t look like himself when the time comes to snap a new photo. Instead, he prefers embodying different characters in front of the camera — an idea passed on from father to sons.

Zalay says it began with his dad. “He would dress up for college IDs and eventually driver’s licenses,” he told Bored Panda. “His past characters included mafia hitman, lumberjack, and civil war general where he shaved his beard into burnsides. He ended up keeping that look for like 6 months.” Now he and his brother enjoy the tradition as well.

Zalay has a number of hilarious characters in his repertoire as well, and recently documented his process of creating one after moving California, where he needed to get a new driver’s license.

Check out all the work he puts into becoming someone else below. You can’t deny the man is dedicated to his craft!

(via Bored Panda)

You’d think authorities wouldn’t believe that’s him in the photos, but Zalay says it hasn’t really been a problem. “I’ve been pulled over by cops or extra scrutinized by the TSA, but they mostly just do a double take and let me go on my way,” he explained. “There are as many authorities who have given me a laugh or smile than have given me a stern eye-roll.” Something tells me he’ll still be doing this as an old man.

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