Man Takes It Upon Himself To Act Fast As A Drunk Driver Swerves Down The Road

Hearing about drunk drivers on the road is scary enough, let alone seeing one right in front of you.

Just last weekend, Alejandro Fernandez was out driving with his relatives in Houston, Texas, when he found himself in such a situation. A white car had been heading toward them and missed hitting their vehicle, then kept moving and swerving all over the road. It was clear that the driver, 28-year-old Sirkon Ash, was intoxicated and putting lives at risk, so Fernandez felt compelled to stop him before somebody got hurt.

They followed Ash until he eventually drove into a parking lot, where they pulled him out of his car and performed a citizen’s arrest until Houston police arrived. While it looks like he already crashed into something that night, he didn’t kill anyone thanks to Fernandez and his family.

(via Daily Mail)

A breathalyzer test showed Ash was indeed drunk. He was arrested and charged with a felony DWI, as it was his third time being caught while driving under the influence. He’s now out on bond.

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