This Is The Crazy Thing That Happens When An Excavator Meets A Giant Ladder

Here’s the thing: I know almost nothing about giant machinery and what it can or can’t do.

What I do know is that giant excavators stay on the ground. That’s the whole point of them! They scoop out dirt and debris from the ground. Someone decided that sticking to the ground wasn’t good enough, though, because they went ahead and built a special ladder built specifically for a Liebherr excavator to climb. Here’s what happened when they tried it.

I’ve got to admit, I was skeptical about watching this video, but once I started I couldn’t stop. It was totally mesmerizing, and yes, impressive! (Watch until the very end; you’ll thank me!)

Youtube / VomidGhost

I think this goes without saying, but don’t try this at home, folks! Next thing we know, an oil rig will be climbing the Eiffel Tower.

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