As If Commuting Wasn’t Bad Enough These Morons Turned The Subway Into A Slip-N-Slide

I think it’s a safe assumption to make that most people take the subway out of convenience rather than pleasure. The subway is smelly, packed, and full of stressed-out people hurrying to work.

But when your commute forces you to sit between the struggling artist begging for change and the man that definitely should have showered before leaving the gym, things couldn’t get much worse…until this guy hops into your train car, at least.

Passengers on Lower Manhattan’s L Train were in for a rambunctious adventure as a scantily clad man hopped aboard and transformed the subway car into a giant slip-n-slide. His adoring fans can be seen cheering him on as the fine specimen of a human being slides down the subway car head first.

I won’t lie. If I were there, I’d have wanted him to slide right out the door.

Humans…they never cease to amaze me.

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