Watch As A Man Does The Complete Opposite Of What You Should Do With Molten Metal

In life, there are a few things that should be accepted as absolute truths: the sky is blue, the Earth is round, and you really should not stick your hand in a stream of molten metal.

But apparently, either someone forgot to teach this man the difference between hot and cold, or this guy’s the next superhero waiting to have his own Marvel or DC film. In the clip below, the man can be seen tinkering with a stream of molten-hot liquid. And if it isn’t bad enough that the guy is standing too dangerously close to the hot stuff for my liking, then the genius gets the idea to take off his safety gloves and shove his hand right into the line of fire.

Despite his act of stupidity, the man walks away completely unfazed and unharmed by his molten metal hand-washing.

While hopefully none of you have molten metal just lying around, please don’t try this at home. It takes a real ignoramus to even think that something like this would be “fun.”

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