Hilarious Artist Uses Comics To Tell Us What’s Really Going On With Animals

Have you ever wondered whether animals share any of the worries we have?

While theirs are more based on survival than anything else, it’s interesting to imagine what they’d think or say if faced with some of the same issues as us. Canadian comic artist Josh Barkman from Kitchener, Ontario, has had a lot of fun doing so in his comic strip called “False Knees,” in which birds, raccoons, and other critters have hilarious conversations with each other, deal with the brutality of nature, and contemplate whether life has any purpose, meaning, or value to it.

Here’s a small sampling of Barkman’s dark humor that has amassed thousands of fans.


(via BoredPanda)

There’s nothing like a mix of hilarity and depression to start your day. Be sure to check out more of Barkman’s comics on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and his website.

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