Does This New Toy Craze Actually Have Something To It? Some Psychologists Say Yes

So many people find themselves distracted and unsure what to do with their hands.

Whether it’s sitting all day at work or trying to focus during a lecture, the fact is that sitting completely still doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why some teachers have caught on to the fact that just because a student may be drawing or fidgeting that doesn’t mean they’re not paying attention.

It’s also why fidget toys have exploded recently. Fidget cubes and spinners have skyrocketed to the top-selling lists, and in some cases, they’ve become so prevalent that they’re being banned for being a distraction. But do fidget toys live up to the hype?

Research shows that people need different levels of stimulation in order to focus. That’s why some people must work in complete silence while others need music. It’s also why some may find fidget items helpful while others may not.

Kids who have attention issues or anxiety may find fidget toys help them in classrooms. In fact, therapists have been using various items like this for a long time, they just haven’t been so flashy or popular.

Banning the spinners from classrooms might still be the right move despite their usefulness because the movement can be genuinely distracting. But where does that leave kids who need to fidget to function?

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Using fidget spinners can be especially distracting because keeping an eye on the object requires hand-eye coordination. There are other options like putty, stress balls, or some cube toys that can be used without looking.

It’s great that people are talking about how to help people with conditions like ADHD and anxiety function better in the world instead of ignoring or shaming them for those conditions. There are definitely solutions.

And as far as the spinners go, they’re pretty fun to use anyway! So even though many will keep them out of school and professional situations, you can still enjoy them in the comfort of home.

(via IFL Science)

Have you seen or participated in this new toy craze? Let us know what you think about fidget toys in the comments, and share the science behind them with everyone you know.

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