If Your Shot Requires Instructions To Avoid Serious Injury, Maybe Just Don’t Take It

I’m pretty open when it comes to trying different alcoholic drinks, but you can definitely count me out if there’s a chance it might set me on fire.

This guy, however, didn’t exactly share my sentiment when he went to a bar one night.While most people are satisfied with taking regular, non-fiery shots, he wanted to try something a bit more adventurous.That’s when he decided to order a little fire with his alcohol — but it didn’t turn out to be as tasty as he was expecting.

“Don’t worry about me, my face and hands are just engulfed in flames.”

Yikes! Let’s just hope he didn’t sustain any serious burns after that delightful experience (but it’s not looking good).Share this video if you’d be brave enough to try a flaming shot.God knows I’m not!


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