Adorable Video Proves That Our Indoor Animals Aren’t The Only Ones Who Love Toys

Let’s face it: our domesticated pets are totally spoiled.

If they were living in the wild, they wouldn’t be able to wake us up at obscene hours for food or get their human snuggles in every day. They also wouldn’t get all the toys we spend so much money on each year.

Wild animals play, too, but usually they have to make do with whatever’s laying around in the woods. However, one fox recently got the taste of the sweet life when he stumbled into a backyard after a heavy snowfall.

The dog that lives in the house had left his toys outside before it snowed, so this wild fox decided to play with them. He even stuck around for a few hours!

Youtube / ViralHog

Our furry friends might not be so different from their wild counterparts after all. I hope that fox enjoyed his toy time. That pupper needs to learn to clean up after himself before they all disappear into the woods!

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