This Dog’s Growl Looks Really Mean, But It’s Also Pretty Funny When You Hear it

If you’re a pet owner, you know that part of the fun of having furry family members is getting to mess with them a little. Not in a cruel way — we definitely don’t condone abuse!

But some people get tired of listening to their cats’ obnoxious meows at all hours of the night, so they bide their time until they can get sweet revenge by scaring the crap out of them.Others, like this person, risk losing their fingers by purposefully pissing off their dogs to elicit funny reactions.

The guy wouldn’t leave his dog alone, which led to some pretty scary growling and snarling.The noises turned absolutely hilarious, though, when he started playing around with the pup’s muzzle.

It almost sounds like the person is making the noise — LOL.

Though I understand the dog’s frustration, I really can’t stop myself from laughing right now.Share this video if it made you giggle.


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