This Intense Footage Will Shake Even The Most Skeptic Non-Believer…

The Internet is full of pictures of supposed “ghosts,” but what about videos? Ghost photos are quite easily faked or Photoshopped. Videos of ghosts and other paranormal “creatures” are probably harder to fabricate, right?

Sure, that is a logical thought process, but is it actually true? We searched high and low and found what we believe to be the seven most convincing paranormal videos out there. See them for yourself below. Are they real, or are they total fakes?

1. London Subway Ghost.

2. Gas Station Ghost.

3. The Jakarta Angel.

4. The Ghost Of Leeds Castle.

5. Vatican City Ghost.

6. The Blackburn Ghost.

7. Shadow In The House.

(via Movie Pilot)

Are you convinced yet? While these videos could be fake in one way or another, they certainly do make you think about strange phenomena around us. This is especially true with the video taken at the Vatican, which is just plain terrifying. I now know what to expect in my nightmares tonight.

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