Enormous Great Dane Nearly Topples Favorite Human After Not Seeing Her For Two Weeks

Great Danes aren’t normally known for having severe separation anxiety but after more than two weeks away from his favorite human, this pooch couldn’t have been more excited.

When Triton’s owner Brenda made the move from Texas to Arizona, she made the conscious effort to travel back and forth every two weeks just to see her doggy pal. So when Brenda walked through the door for the first time, Triton was overcome with a flood of emotions.

The dog can be seen jumping on his hind legs to greet his owner and shower her with doggy kisses.


(via Daily Mail)

If that’s not puppy love, I’m not sure what is. While these two might not get to spend as much time with each other as they used to, it’s clear the love is still alive and well.

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