Disturbing Video Shows Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Dog Hang Out Of The Car Window

As the summer heat begins to rise, there’s no better feeling than rolling the windows down and cranking your favorite song.

And while it may be perfectly acceptable to leave your windows down when traveling alone, the same cannot be said when your animals are involved. On any given day, it’s not unusual to see at least a handful of dogs hanging their heads out of car windows. That said, it’s just not safe.

When a dog’s head is outside a window, they expose their eyes to dirt, rocks, and other debris. Another concern is the impact it can have on their ears, since strong gusts of wind paired with the speed of your car can prove hazardous. The most obvious risk, however, is the chance of your beloved pup falling out of the car and into the middle of the street.

Even if you know your pooches love feeling the wind in their floppy ears, this video will inspire you to keep those windows up.


(via Daily Mail and Trips With Pets)

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Don’t feel like using the AC? No problem. Just make sure you get safety harnesses for your dogs and cats. They should be buckled up in the car regardless! Share this jarring video with pet owners to make them think twice before rolling the windows down.

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