Is It A Ghost Or Just The Wind? Watch This Security Footage And Decide

It seems like every day a new video or photo appears claiming to be proof that ghosts really do exist, but are any of them actually real?

It’s next to impossible for most of us to tell in the world of video editing and Photoshop, but for those of us who love all things creepy and paranormal, it’s sometimes fun to speculate about whether we believe in spirits or not. With that in mind, could this CCTV footage from a hospital in Argentina have captured poltergeist activity?

The stretcher in the video below appears to move on its own, but it probably could have been pulled with translucent fishing line or blown by the wind, though the leaves on the trees don’t move. Watch below and decide for yourself.

Whatever’s going on here, one thing’s for sure — I’d be super creeped out if I’d been the one to see that! Let us know what you think it was below, and be sure to share this video to see what others make of it.

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