When This Guy Got In His Car, He Found Something Super Weird In The Passenger Seat

While hundreds of people took shelter in hopes of staying safe during Hurricane Harvey, it’s important to remember that for many wild creatures, there is no refuge in catastrophic weather.

So when William Bruso returned to his taxi cab after stopping at the store to stock up on emergency supplies, he was caught by surprise when an unexpected friend hopped in the passenger’s seat. A grown Coopers hawk had taken up refuge in the man’s car as heavy rains and huge gusts of wind began to overtake Houston. Assuming that the bird was looking for a place to avoid the storm, Bruso aptly named the bird “Harvey the Hurricane Hawk.”

Rather than setting the hawk free, Bruso decided to keep a watchful eye over the critter until he could relocate it.


I guess the weather was too rough for this bird to fly away. We wish the best for Texans and all of their animal friends!

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