This Dad Dancing His Heart Out To The Jackson 5 Is Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

They say to “dance like nobody is watching,” but so many people are too self conscious to actually do it.

John Lawless, a 50-year-old father from Long Island, is not one of those people who cares what others think of his dance moves. He was recently at a Janet Jackson concert with his son Kevin when he started bopping along in the stands to the Jackson 5’s hit “I Want You Back.” People around began to take notice of John’s passionate dance moves, and when a video found its way to Facebook, his moves unexpectedly went viral.

John said he’s been overwhelmed by the positivity being thrown his way, saying that it’s his son Kevin, ironically an aspiring dancer, who allowed him to shake his groove thing. “When I go to concerts with my daughter or wife, they don’t really like to let me loose,” he said.

This is too much. It definitely brought a smile to my face. We need more people like John in the world, brightening it up with their positivity!

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