This Mare Lost A Baby — Then She Met A Little Orphan And They Healed Together

Last summer, veterinarian Dr. Patrick Brogan was called to a farm to assist a mare named Zindita that was about to give birth to her baby.

But when the horse fertility specialist reached the farm near Utrecht in the Netherlands, he said he “saw that she was struggling.There was no way the mare would be able to get [her foal] out.”Unfortunately, he realized that the foal had died in utero after he helped deliver it.“[Zindita] was so sad and such a sweet horse,” he said.

Two days later, Brogan heard from a colleague about a filly whose mother had just died.He decided to put the two together, and when he did, something amazing happened.

Even though mares can be aggressive when introduced to foals that aren’t theirs,Zindita took to the baby as if she were her own.

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“We were quite lucky in that this mare was so … in love and desperate to take her,” Brogan said. “From the second she was there, she just fell in love with it.”

(via CTV News)

The foal is likely weaned by now and on her own, but it’s pretty amazing that these two were able to heal by each other’s sides.Be sure to share this heartwarming story of a mother’s love with everyone you know!

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