This NFL Player Never Forgot His Favorite Teacher. What He Did For Her Is So Sweet!

Do you remember the name of the teacher who made the biggest difference in your life?

I certainly do, and there’s more than one! What we don’t think about often is the fact that people we consider to be famous started out as wee little ones who also loved and appreciated their educators. And just like us, they don’t forget about the teachers who changed their lives for the better.

When JJ Watt, an NFL player for the Houston Texans, was told that his beloved 4th grade teacher was retiring after 41 years on the job, he decided to do something special to mark the occasion.

The look on her face when he walks through the door is totally priceless!

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It’s so important to remember the teachers who work so hard every day. This surprise must have meant so much to her. Share this video to celebrate the teachers in your life!

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