He Kissed His Girlfriend On The Head — What This Woman Did Next Is Ridiculous

Public displays of affection are pretty annoying for some people, especially if the couple in question doesn’t know where to draw the line between what is and isn’t appropriate.

But innocent gestures like holding hands, hugging, or quick pecks are seen as perfectly acceptable behavior by most people — well, unless you’re this angry woman.While buying some food at a restaurant in Santa Monica, California, last week, she was absolutely disgusted at seeing another customer kissing his girlfriend…on the forehead.Her subsequent meltdown is really something you have to see to believe.

Warning: this video contains graphic language.


Wow…just wow.I can only assume that she’s been harboring a lot of anger and it just happened to explode at this very moment, but she had no right to unleash it on these people. Share if you think she was the one doing the harassing.

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