Pedicurist Amazingly Fixes Damaged Toenails That Looked Screwed Beyond Repair

Feet are just nasty.

It’s nearly impossible to find someone who has pretty feet or toes, and if they tell you otherwise, chances are it’s the work of a damn good pedicurist. With everything from ingrown toenails to foot fungus, you couldn’t pay me enough to touch other people’s feet for a living, but the folks at one salon in Moscow are thrilled by the possibility of a seemingly impossible foot makeover.

The salon called Nail Sunny has earned quite the following online after posting videos of their toe transformations that many wouldn’t even dare to try. In the clip below, one of salon’s technicians can be seen giving broken, fungus-infested toes a near perfect pedicure.

I can’t believe the before and after shots. Are we sure they’re the same toes?

(via Daily Mail)

I never thought I’d say it, but this transformation is like a Cinderella story for your feet. Nail Sunny is really doing the Lord’s work.

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