Pilot Remains Way, Way Too Calm During Actual Real-Life Crash Landing

Pretty much everyone’s biggest fear about being in an airplane is the possibility of crashing and most likely dying when the aircraft hits the ground.

That’s why it takes a serious amount of courage for anyone to become a pilot, because despite all the training in the world, sometimes you just can’t prevent a plane’s parts from malfunctioning in the air — and it’s up to you to try and save everyone on board. No pressure.

One especially brave pilot knew he and his copilot were in trouble when they began experiencing engine failure as they were flying over Taichung, Taiwan. He was probably extremely panicked while preparing for a crash landing, but you wouldn’t know it by his incredibly calm demeanor.

Even after they land safely, he’s mostly upset about them hitting a rock.


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Talk about staying cool under pressure!Be sure to share this terror-inducing video if you’re amazed at how well the pilot handled the situation!


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