She Thought It Would Be A Simple Pregnancy Announcement, But Dad Just Didn’t Get It

When it comes to taking hints, some people catch on right away. Others, like this dad, miss them completely.

Christy Allred and her husband, Kelly, were the proud parents of five boys when Christy found out she was expecting again last year. That day happened to be Kelly’s birthday, so she decided to surprise him with the news when they went out to celebrate. She’d arranged with the staff beforehand to receive a special dessert plate which very obviously hinted she was pregnant, but something must have gotten lost in translation for Kelly when he read the message.

Watch as Kelly realizes (with a lot of effort on Christy’s part) that he’s going to father another child.

A couple of months later, they learned they were finally going to have a baby girl.

To Kelly’s credit, his wife probably should have tacked on “again” at the end of that message. Either way, congratulations to these parents on their new daughter!

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