Ever Wonder What It’d Look Like To Be Eaten By A Python? Well, You’re In Luck.

Ever since we all found out that a man was killed and eaten by a python in Indonesia last month, let’s just say that I’ve been a little more freaked out than usual when it comes to large snakes.

I’ve always known that it was possible (though extremely rare) for pythons to swallow humans, but seeing the results of it happening for myself has given me plenty of awful mental images to have nightmares about — which is why I never should have watched this video.

If you’re curious about what it’s like for the unfortunate prey of a python, this footage has all the glorious sights (and nasty sounds) you could ever hope to see.

Watch from all different angles as an African rock python swallows a springbok antelope in the video below.

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I can’t be the only one who’s happy they’re not an antelope right now. Share this creepy video if it gave you a newfound (and intense) fear of being eaten by a snake.

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