What This Lady Said To A Reckless Driver Is Life Goals. Tell ‘Em, Girl.

While most cases of road rage don’t end with you actually confronting anyone, this hot-headed mama wasn’t afraid to tell a bad driver what was on her mind when the opportunity arose.

Dash cam footage from Jaimie Loren’s car reveals the horrifying scene that caused her to go in on a reckless motorist. The driver can be seen swerving into the opposite lane of a two-way road in order to pass Loren. And if that wasn’t enough, the man hits a rough patch of grass and nearly rolls over before ultimately crashing along the side of the road.

But instead of leaving karma to do her business, Loren pulls up next to the dangerous driver and confronts him for his act of pure stupidity. Giving the driver a stern talking-to, the concerned mom basically sounded like we’d all want to if we ever got to drag someone like this.

You can take a listen to Loren’s full-NSFW exchange below.


(via Daily Mail)

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Despite reporting the incident to the police, Loren received a letter in the mail informing her that a police policy would prevent them from investigating the incident further. Share this if you secretly wish you could do this the next time you deal with a moron on the road!

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