For His Grandmother’s 98th Birthday, He Did Something That’ll Bring You To Tears

Last month, Ash Ruiz from Palm Beach County, Florida, made sure his beloved grandmother’s birthday was one of the best she’s ever had.

“I have the most precious memories of my Grandma Jean doing everything with a song, she was always singing and her voice was rich, velvety and beautiful,” he said. “When I was eight years old she taught me how to sing ‘Unforgettable’ by Nat King Cole because it was her favorite song and I was to sing it with her for her birthday every year. Hence a tradition began.”

Over the years, living in different places made it difficult for Ruiz to be there for his grandma’s birthdays, so he sang to her over the phone or on Skype. When she turned 98 years old, Ruiz once again sang his grandma’s favorite song — but he surprised her by doing it in person!

Watch Grandma Jean’s sweet reaction to her grandson’s beautiful rendition of “Unforgettable” and just try not to tear up.

(via Daily Mail)

Ruiz is pretty much the sweetest grandson ever. If this doesn’t inspire you to go visit your grandparents and hug them close, nothing will.

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