Dad Was Trying To Potty Train His Son. Then He Looked Over And Saw This Happening

If you’re a parent, you’ll totally understand this dad’s pain of trying to potty train his son.

Teaching your child to use the potty on their own can be a tiring job for all those involved, but this dad discovered just how worn out his one-year-old was in the most hilarious way. After leaving his potty training seat with the babysitter, this dad thought he could trust his son to practice on the big boy potty. Leaving the boy alone long enough to cook up some eggs, the man discovered his son stuck inside the toilet fast asleep.

It just goes to show that when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go…nap, that is!

(via Daily Mail)

A video like this is cute for now, but just wait until this little fella grows up and has to live down the embarrassment of this fiasco with each date he brings home to meet the parents.

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