She Complained Of A Headache. Then They Looked In Her Ear And Saw A Tiny Face.

If you’ve ever had a severe headache, you’re probably all too familiar with the throbbing pain and the sensation that some sort of monster is crawling around inside your head.

Unfortunately for a woman in India, her head pain had eight legs and had taken up shelter inside her ear canal. The woman had fallen asleep on her veranda and when she awoke, she was complaining of a painful blockage in her right ear. When the pain became too much for her to handle, she sought out medical attention. Once under medical supervision, doctors made the gruesome discovery that a spider had made itself at home.

Using a flashlight, the doctors were able to coax the creepy crawler out of her inner ear, quickly relieving her pain.

(via New York Post)

Emergency room staff have probably heard and seen it all when it comes to foreign objects getting trapped in their patients’ ears, but this is definitely the most disturbing find I’ve ever heard of. I may have to start sleeping with ear plugs in just to avoid any future unwelcome guests.

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