She Posed For Her Fiance In Intimate Photos, But What She Wore Is Cracking People Up

A lot of women like to surprise their soon-to-be husbands with intimate boudoir photos of themselves, but this funny lady wanted to do something a little different for her fiance.

The woman, Nicole, and her partner must have a great sense of humor and share a lot of laughs together, because instead of asking her photographer friend, Kissy Spicer, to take sexy shots of her wearing lingerie, she threw on an iconic T-Rex costume and struck her best poses. The results (and the whole process) were absolutely hilarious, as Kissy recounts below.

“I’ve been sitting on this magic for months and I’m so excited I can finally share these with you all.”

“Nicole and I were laughing until we had tears streaming down our face.”

“I never knew how hard it would be to pose a seven-foot dinosaur and make it look sexy…”

“…but Nicole totally nailed it.”

“It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever shot, mostly because she couldn’t move around, there was lots of flailing and laughing.”

“She was pretty much doing the worm inside the suit trying to move around on the bed.”

“I had to stop shooting at points because I was crying from laughter andmascara was getting in my eyes.”

“You know a marriage is going to lastforever when you start out laughing.”

(via Love What Matters)

You can find more of Kissy’s work and even book your own unique photo shoot by checking out Josh & Kissy Photography. Share these priceless photos if you’re considering doing the same for your significant other.

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