This Man Filmed A Tornado Literally Ripping Through His House…And He’s Alive To Tell The Tale

When Clem Schultz heard that a tornado was passing through Fairdale, Illinois, in April 2015, he didn’tthink that it would get anywhere near his house.

But just to be safe, the 85-year-old decided to collect a few lanterns in case the power went out.As soon as he got upstairs, he saw the tornado through a nearby window. He still didn’t think that it would come too close to his home, so instead of taking cover, he decided to record it on his phone.

Clem eventually realized that the tornado was coming directly for him, but he didn’t have time to run back downstairs.He continued to film.

Sadly, Clem’s wife Geri didn’t survive the terrifying ordeal.

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I think we can all agree it’s pretty incredible that Clem didn’t also lose his life that day.Share this with others so that they can see the crazy footage he recorded for themselves.

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